CIA to launch destab vs. Aquino?

A Philippine President must follow the whims and caprice of the United States.


President Barrack Obama is eager to launch a military strike against Syria’s perpetrator of chemical attacks that killed hundreds of civilians, including children.


If President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s  government will not support the US, then he could be replaced soon, especially now that a big corruption issue is gaining momentum among the middle class.


Feisty Senator Mirriam Santiago, chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, warned that something bad might happen to President Aquino.


In fact, the US military wants to increase the presence of its forces in the Philippines tapping its former bases like Subic in Zambales province, Clark Air Base in Pampanga province and even the Sangley Point in Cavite province.


“If president Aquino makes a mistake and say no, somhtign bad will happen something bad will happen to him,” Santiago said.


Citing the case of former President Gloria Arroyo in 2004, Santiago said the US CIA instigated a destabilization plot after the President ordered the pull out of Philippine contingent in Iraq.


“They want to teach her (Arroyo) that no Philippine president can even afford to humiliate an American president,” Santiago said.


She said once the US has decided to strike Syria, Washington will ask Filipnos to work in the base there.


Filipinos are known as hard-workers, doing odd jobs in the military base. #


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