TATA STEEL CHESS: GM So grabs lead

Standings after round 8
1. W. So 6
2. L. McShane 5½
3. Z. Efimenko
G. Sargissian
R. Wojtaszek 5
6. V. Tkachiev 4½
7. L. Chao
D. Navara 4
9. L. Fressinet
L. Liem 3½
11. S. Ganguly 3
12. J. Hammer
F. Nijboer 2½
14. W. Spoelman 2

Jan. 24, 2011

So grabs 4th straight win and the lead
By Jaime Pilapil

Filipino Grandmaster Wesley So won his eight-round assignment, his fourth straight, and grabbed the lead with six points at the on-going Tata Steel Chess Tournament in The Netherlands.
The 17-year-old So, handling black pieces, once again gained tremendous respect among the elite woodpushers by beating another hometown boy GM Wouter Spoelman in 34-moves of Nimzo-Indian defense.
But So was very creative. Most likely an innovation, he pushed his pawn at C5 in his fifth move to gain control of the center. The double pawn at the C-file was so effective. The pawns were on the verge of promotion to Queens when Spoelman resigned.
So’s Knight sacrifice on the 25th move was the key to the victory which forced Spoelman
to a Queen exchange and allowing Black’s Pawn at C-file to advance.
Going to round nine of the 14-man double-round robin, So, who became a grandmaster at the age of 14, has now full six points.
So, the country’s number one woodpusher, took the driver seat after GM Zahar Efimenko of Ukraine surprisingly lost to GM Vlad Tkachiev of France and GM Luke McShane of England drew with GM Gabriel Sargissian of Armenia.
Today (Monday) is a rest day.
So, who said he usually visit the gym every after each game, vowed to tour the city and visit historical sites.
In Tuesday’s round 9, So will face Li Chao of China.


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