Lambino: Double P100-B stimulus package to create jobs

Lakas-Kampi-CMD senatorial bet Raul Lambino yesterday urged the government to double its P100 billion stimulus package to employ the more than half a million new college graduates this March.
Unemployment in the country could reach as high as 7 million which means that more families will be forced to tighten their belts while limiting them to a single meal a day, if none at all.
Although call centers are sprouting like mushrooms, only one out of 100 applicants pass screening and eventually get employed due to lack of English proficiency among the newly graduates.
Lack of job opportunities forced some 3,000 skilled workers to leave the country daily for work abroad.
Figures from the National Statistics Office show that in 2005 around 18.5 percent of new graduates end up unemployed.
Although the country produces more than half a million college graduates yearly, this only looks good on the surface as only 12 of every 100 children who enter elementary grades finish tertiary education.
Some college graduates take odd jobs, complaining that they want decent jobs not contractual or short-term employment.
Lambino said doubling the P100 billion economic resiliency fund will definitely pump prime the economy.
Asked where the money will be spent, the Pangasinense self-made legal luminary said a bigger portion should be used to repair the infrastructures destroyed by typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng last year.
“Imagine how many workers we need to build bridges, roads, flood control projects and irrigation canals, among others. How many cements and construction materials we will need? Exactly, this will have good effects to our people and businessmen,” the native of Pozorrubio said.
He added that once the people are absorbed by these projects then they will have money to spend which will stimulate demands for more food and other needs.
Since 1998, around 200,000 are added to the unemployed stable.
The global economic slump dampened demand for Philippine exports in Japan, the United States and Western Europe, including our migrant workers.
State figures said about 34.8 percent of the labor force are employed in agriculture, while 48. 6 percent are in the services sector. Industry accounted for 16.6 percent. -30-


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