Globe vs Smart

Globe versus Smart
By Jaime Pilapil

Since the start of the campaign period my usage of mobile phone increased tremendously. So, in order to save on money I tapped the unlimited call services of both Smart and Globe.
I was only using one phone with Globe SIM card. I am again forced to get Smart SIM because Globe services in the countryside is erratic based on my experience from previous elections when I was covering politicians running for national posts.
I bought a spare phone to accommodate the Smart SIM. I chose a China-made BlackBerry for P4,700 which has a unique television feature, so now I can monitor the news with my phone. I was not too keen on comparing the services of Smart and Globe before but now I know their glitches as I am using the two mobile service providers.
Although I also have a Sun SIM, I opted not to use it despite the China-made BlackBerry dual SIM feature. The reason is obvious, very few of the people I know use Sun.
I also bought SmartBro to give me the facility to get online anywhere I am.
What I will compare here are the differences between the unlimited call features of Globe and Smart and my experiences with SmartBro.
Globe’s SUPERDUO is a lot better than Smart’s UNLICALL, although the latter is cheaper.
For first time users, dialing for Globe “unlicall” is easier since you are not required to dial “prefix” characters. The moment you have registered to 8888, you can immediately make unlimited calls.
While, with Smart’s “unlicall”, you are required to type first asterisk (*) then 6400 plus the 11 numbers, which means type zero (0) before nine (9) and go on with the rest of the cp number of the person you are calling.
Since, our phonebooks do not register the prefix *6400, you will be forced to type it every time you make a call. What I did to remedy this is to save the cp number with the prefix *6400 in my China-made double SIM BlackBerry. Or, you just press “call” (green) to look for previous numbers you called before.
Another glitch of Smart “unlicall” is the fact that it cuts the call every five minutes. Meaning, after five minutes, you have to redial. Getting through a call is difficult since you will hear “THE LINE IS BUSY NOW”. Using Smart “unlicall” is good for people who have patience.
With Globe’s “unlicall” it is almost perfect, minus some instances when there were no signals.
Another excellent added service of Globe is its “SUPERDUO” feature, meaning you can have unlimited calls to landline numbers within the area you registered to. Since, I am Manila-based, I am allowed to have “unlicalls” to landlines in Metro Manila. All I am required to do is to dial number two (2) before the usual seven numbers. On top of that, another excellent feature is that landline users can have “unlicalls” by dialing the assigned landline number to you. In my case you may call my cp by dialing 2-5056237. I can also call a fellow “SUPERDUO” user by dialing his assigned landline number. It’s a wonderful added service.
On the contrary, using SmartBro is completely complicated and expensive. Since, I bought the gadget (P999), I already spent P1,000 for load cards after one month, considering that I barely use it.
Again, contrary to its advertisement, SmartBro is slow and its pop up menu is deceiving because the moment you minimize it you will not be able to recover the menu. Hence, you will not be able to close the program and lose all load with it. I am not that “techi” but our job as journalists and part-time PR practitioner requires us to always be “online” with our public.
I admire Globe. Smart is a failure. The only advantage of Smart is that it has signal in remote areas, particularly in the countryside.
Last and the weirdest with SmartBro, you can’t use regular Smart load for reloading. You need a SmartBro load card and very few sell it. -30-


5 thoughts on “Globe vs Smart

  1. Yeah, globe rocks! Since my 5110 days, I’m already a Globe user. I stumbled through this post because I was googling how to make a call through Smart’s unlicall. You see, I’m using my mom’s Smart sim, and it was annoying to know that you have to add prefixes to use their unlicall. And until now, the call won’t connect! aarrgghh!

    • yes, it’s annoying. with prefix you have difficulty to connect. but if you use the usual call rate, you get connected easily.

  2. thank you for the review.

    i find the minimize button in smartbro irritating too, since it actually closes the window. but you know what, you can load a prepaid smartbro with a regular smart call and text load, just be sure you don’t load it with the 20 denomination because it treats it as a text load (i think smart has all text 20?), and smart bro has an unlisurf too, just like the unlicall 🙂
    just in case you still haven’t heard of it

  3. SmartBro has P200 unlisurf for 5 days so thats 40 a day. Globe has P50 unlisurf for only one day. If you use Globe’s unlisurf P50 for 5 days you will get P250 for 5 days.:P

  4. I threw away my Smart Simcard when I couldn’t take it anymore, it steals load. Large and Small amount of load, almost every week. I’m less angrier and cheated now, ever since I started using Globe.

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