Cong. Obet!
By Jaime Pilapil

Pangkalahatang Sanggunian Manila & Suburbs Drivers Association or simply Pasang Masda is now a party-list. Its first nominee is no other than my good friend Ka Obet Martin.
The group is doing its best to get at least 200,000 votes to gain a seat in the 15th Congress.
Meanwhile, another party-list, the 1-Utak , representing drivers and operators has in its list of nominees Energy Secretary Angie Reyes, occupying the first spot.
As to how Reyes landed as its first nominee, I don’t know the answer.
* * * * *
There is indeed a need to revisit the law that allows the election of party-list. The main idea of party-list representation is to give marginalized sectors a say in crafting laws. If you will cursory examine the current roster of party-list nominees, they are a bunch of millionaires, some even more wealthy than a regular congressman.
I just hope the next Congress will buckle down to work and call for a constitutional convention.
* * * * *
According to Lakas-Kampi-CMD senatorial candidate Raul Lambino, he will push for Constitutional Convention. Lambino is a respected constitutionalist and he knows what he is talking about.
* * * * *
Usec. Bebot Villar is indeed an action man. On top of his duties as anti-smuggling czar, he was appointed head of the Dangerous Drugs Board. Bebot is a courageous person and his intelligence savvy is next to none. He fears no one even those who are powerful and influential. He said President Arroyo wanted him to do whatever he wanted just so he will be effective in his mandate. Of course, within the bounds of the law, prompting him to get the services of several lawyers. I hope the next president will retain Bebot.
* * * * *
If you will notice it’s been quite a while that you hear or read news attacking the First Gentleman. The reason is obvious. The mastermind behind these attacks or demolition jobs is out of the country, running from the pangs of the law. Your guess is as good as mine.
* * * * *
I admire so much Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for his candidness by not endorsing any presidential candidate so far. Getting the votes of his six million followers is indeed crucial in the tight race either for President or for Senators.
I seldom watch television but since I bought a China phone “blackberry” I was able to watch one of Quiboloy’s preaching. It was then that I learned he is a Cabalen. His father was a returnee Huk during the time of President Magsaysay. The President gave his father a farm to till in Davao. Quiboloy during his elementary days shifted from a school in Pampanga and one in Davao. He spent his high school days with his brother in a Muslim area in Mindanao – that gave him the opportunity to learn how to speak Maranao.
After high school Quiboloy went to a seminary in the US. He has been preaching since he heard a voice giving him a unique mission.
* * * * *
I learned from Quiboloy’s website that he now owns a plane. Some of my friends said they were wrong in choosing a career. Well, my college vocation directors then said a career is always a call. Each one of us is called for a purpose.
* * * * *
For those who sent their comments to, thank you so much. One time I will publish here your letters. -30-



  1. hi,i am are so industrious and intelligent.because u are willing to read about that.i want u to become my friends.if okay 4 u.please accept my invitation 4 u to become my friends.i will be happy,if u accept it or not.

  2. Salamat sa iyong pagsulat tungkol sa aming samahan, ang Pasang Masda. Hindi kami nagtagumpay noong nakaraang halalan ngunit gagawin namin ang lahat upang makapagluklok ng dalawang kinatawan sa susunod na Kongreso. Hindi kami titigil sa pagsulong ng tunay na makabuluhang pagbabago sa sistema ng pamahalaan sa pamamagitan ng pakikibakang parliyamentaryo upang higit na isulong ang kapakanan ng uring manggagawa at mga proletaryo. Yeah ba!

    • Atty. Topacio,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Rest assured that I will always support Pasang Masda. I think you have to insist to use PASANG MASDA instead of PM. Nalilito ang voters. Your case is similar to Ang Ladlad na natalo rin. It should use LADLAD instead.
      You may contact me at 09155508173. I also write for The Manila Times.

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