End political dynasty
By Jaime Pilapil

When I was studying for priesthood, we were told of a nasty practice in the early Catholic Church that seminarians, especially those nearing their ordination, were forced to undergo vasectomy to prevent them from begetting children. Similar stories of young boy members of St. Peter’s Basilica choir were made sterile to develop their good tenor voices.
Of course, all of these stories were not true. We were told.
The Bible and even early stories of dictatorial regimes were replete with accounts where leaders resort to killing children of deposed kings or predecessors to prevent them from regaining their fathers’ old posts.
These cruel practices came to my mind because name recall breeds political dynasty in this country. That only by making our leaders sexually impotent, we will put an end to dynasties.
That’s the sad reality in Philippine politics – we keep voting for the sons and daughters of politicians. As if an elective post is inherited.
Like in the senatorial race, at least five children of former or “graduating” senators are running. I don’t want to mention their names or else I will just help them improve their “name recall.”
They perpetuate their political clout by practically installing their sons and daughters as their successors.
There was a time when we have a son and mother tandem; currently we have a brother and sister senators. There was an attempt to have a father and son senators; good it was clipped in the bud.
It’s about time that we forget in oblivion their names after their parents retire from active politics. Although not always, most of these sons and daughters of politicians end up brutal and vindictive leaders like the young Ampatuan, who reportedly killed more than 30 of our colleagues.
In the Philippines, we were thrilled with a daughter of a former President becoming president. And when it happened, noisy sectors blame her for all the woes our country is undergoing.
The May 14 elections are replete with sons, daughters and even spouses running for the posts their parents are vacating.
Just recently, a son of a senator, now running for a senate seat appeared in a one-on-one debate at UNTV program. The three-term congressman could barely give good answers to surprise questions raging from economics, health, education, corruption and even political dynasty. He even arrived two hours late of the 10 a.m. call time.
His opponent, Raul Lambino, a senatorial candidate of Lakas Kampi CMD Party, a seasoned lawyer, gave practical and convincing answers, most often citing law provisions, prompting the audience to nod their heads, a sign that they were agreeing to what he was saying.
Here is a tip to voters, the moment you read a family name that is familiar or sounds like a family name of traditional or long time politicians, don’t shade the “bilog na hugis itlog” (circle) beside his or her name. If the 40 million voters will do this, then political dynasty is dead in this country.
I know it is difficult to write an essay on political dynasty without mentioning names of these power maniacs. But I was able to do it.
And lo and behold, I was able to make this column short. Precisely, give short terms to these politicians. The longer they stay in power, the more they become greedy. Email your comments to pilapil.jim@gmail.com -30-



  1. very good unpublished article. there is no political dynasty here in the phil. only political heirloom. of course the young will admire their parents, or their parent will force to young to take the same profession. Political office is not a public office it’s a business empire. there is no enabling law agains political dynasty ergo there is no political dynasty. all they do is keep the people stupid and unschooled so they can only remember one political name to vote. from womb to tomb. I hope you win and no more of your kin will become politician unlike the rest of the 90% candidates with several relatives, wives and cronies running along side with them. but who cares? JPR said “like people like government” if the government is inept and corrupt it’s because the people allowed it. GOD bLESS THIS COUNTRY. iT IS RUN LIKE HELL BY FILIPINOS AS OUR FOREFATHERS WISHED THAN BEING RUN LIKE HEAVEN BY FOREIGNERS. IMAGINE THERE IS NO COUNTRY NO POLITICIANS TO ELECT. WE CAN SAVE MORE MONEY.

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