By Jaime Pilapil

Villar, withdraw now!

Camp Crame said 68 private armed groups have been identified and validated while some 120 more are for confirmation. However, Deputy Director for Operations Chief Supt. Arnold Revilla refused to divulge if search warrants were secured from courts. Getting search warrants will lead the way for the confiscation of these loose firearms. * * * * *
I dislike Senator Manny Villar not because he is corrupt, which is second nature to many politicians, but because of accusations of some land owners who fell victims to his land grabbing schemes.
The C-5 road extension project controversy is just another display of his “land grabbing” tendency, this time he “land grabbed” a government property, built a highway on it, which in effect saved him money because the road led to his subdivisions. He alone benefitted from this, enriching him at the expense of the government. Villar cheats. If he could do this as Senate President how much more when he is already President of this country?
He should return the P6.22 Billion to the government coffers. No wonder, he is bragging that he has billions ready to be spent for his presidential campaign. Ginigisa tayo sa sariling mantika!
Daang Hari Road connects Las Pinas and Muntinlupa to the adjoining towns in Cavite. Along this road are subdivisions owned by Villar. The government spent for the construction of the road but Villar’s villages benefitted. Isn’t this an act of impropriety on the part of Villar?
I suggest you, Villar, should withdraw from the presidential race, if you still have dignity left in your spine. It’s a shame to have you as Senate President who did everything to enrich yourself at the expense of the government.
Remember, he is the same guy who turned his back on Erap Estrada. He was projecting himself as the savior of the poor but in my barangay not even one of the squatters benefitted from him. Right at the door steps of Star Malls in Mandaluyong City and Muntinlupa City, you could see beggars all day long but Villar in any of his visits did not lift a finger to help these downtrodden brethren.
Sometime the other year, Villar allegedly bribed some top echelon news chiefs of a leading television network just so one of his Middle East visits would be given news prominence. This incident, when divulged by a newscaster to the network owners, led to the expulsion of a news anchorwoman.
Villar is a shame to us Filipinos. He should return the P6.22 Billion his company had stolen from government treasury and those lands he took from the unsuspecting victims. Even reporters whom he invited for Christmas party complain that the gifts he and his wife distribute were becoming smaller every year. If you go to Las Pinas City, there are not too many improvements. Subdivisions the Villars and Aguilars built are waterless. They are prone to flooding during rainy season. I once lived in BF Homes and robbery was a nightly occurrence in the neighborhood and this continues until today. Marijuana was readily available to the youth then. This time shabu is openly sold. Jueteng is rampant.
Self-proclaimed prophets and saviors are dangerous. Get rid of them. Don’t vote for the senators who are blocking the deliberation of the C-5 Road Project corruption report.
* * * * *
If you still don’t know, the P6.22 billion includes the following:
P4 billion for the road extension project;
P1.8 billion for the original design of the project;
P141 million for the right-of-way paid to Villar’s real estate companies, Adelfa Properties Inc. and Golden Haven Memorial Park.
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