By Jaime Pilapil

Raul Lambino for Senator

He needs at least 13 million votes to barge into the magic 12 winning circle. It’s a tall order but I am vouching for his credibility and what he is capable of doing as a legislator. If you are seeking for a senator who is not only adept in legislation but also knows what laws will matter most to the “least of our brothers” then he is the one you are looking for.
He is a promdi (short for from the province). In fact, he studied from elementary to college and even law proper in the province. However, he made it big in Manila setting up a lucrative law practice. Not all lawyers have the chance to appear before the Supreme Court justices as he did, and at one time he got a positive ruling for his case.
After working under several politicians, he now feels it is his time to be a legislator. I I have watched his scanty ads on primetime television and I know fully well that he needs more introductions so the voters will get to know him more and what he could do if ever he becomes a senator.
You might not know him but I guarantee you he is a good person and he will be a good senator, if not much better than our present crop of legislators. He is running under Lakas Kampi CMD Party.
He was born to a poor family in the small town of Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, and fluent in both Pangalatoc and Ilocano.
He spent his early years in Baguio City taking various odds jobs as a gasoline boy, taxi driver and even jeepney driver.
In college, he went home to Dagupan City and studied at Pangasinan University where he earned a degree in political science (cum laude). He went straight to law school and passed the bar in 1986, the year his father Bonifacio Sr. died.
The following year, in 1987, he worked in the House of Representatives until 1991 as chief of staff of Congresman Jose De Venecia (4th District Pangasinan). In 1998 to 2000 he was chief of staff of Senator Loren Legarda. At present he serves as consultant in both Houses of Congress to some senators and congressmen.
Presently, he manages his own law firm at the Ortigas complex in Pasig City.
He became nationally prominent when he successfully argued a landmark political case before the Supreme Court in 2006. He convinced the High Court that “there is an enabling law that allows amendments to the Constitution through People’s Initiative.”
He is married to Marilyn de Guzman of Bauang, La Union, and Mangaldan, Pangasinan. The couple has three children: Mark Ronald, a geography graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP) and a successful businessman; Mary Rhauline, a UP economics (cum laude) and sophomore at the UP College of Law; and Meryllainne Rhacquel, a Political Science junior, also at the UP Diliman campus.
His priority legislative agenda are basic services for every Filipino, regardless of status in life, like health care, quality basic education, livelihood programs, equal job opportunities, adequate food on the table, affordable housing, infrastructures development, environmental protection, and peace and order.
Look for the name RAUL LAMBINO and shade the circle after his name. Remember, he needs 13 million votes, and your vote could be the 13,000,000th vote.
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