2010 predictions

By Jaime Pilapil

2010 predictions

This is the first time that I will publish my predictions.
I am neither a psychic nor a Nostradamus student. But I am brave enough to list ten predictions for 2010 on top of the prophesy of some well-known gurus that Bin Laden will finally be killed, World War III will begin in November using chemical and nuclear warheads and that the world will come to an end.
Here are my predictions.
1. The newly elected president will be assassinated.
2. A well-known bishop will resign on allegations that he molested tens of kids.
3. A legendary actor will die due to health reasons.
4. A defeated senatorial bet will commit suicide.
5. A lady senator will die in an accident.
6. There will be eight Filipino world boxing champions.
7. A sex scandal of a politician will be a big hit in pirated DVD.
8. An actress will tie the knot with a popular politician.
9. Congresswoman Arroyo will again dominate the news.
10. There will be chaos in Mindanao, particularly in Eastern and Central parts.
While most predictions are based on astrology and religion, my forecast is solely based on gut feel. It’s not scientific but mere personally vibration. I don’t claim to be an expert but all of these predictions will surely come true.
Since I’m a journalist, I would like to make predictions among us media people.
Here are my ten gut feels.
1. At least five reporters will become millionaires.
2. Another legendary journalist of a popular broadsheet paper will write 30.
3. More province-based journalists will be killed.
4. A staunch human rights campaigner will be elected NPC president.
5. A building where journalists maintain office will be gutted by fire.
6. More journalists will win in May polls.
7. ABS-CBN and GMA 7 will once again get entangled in various court cases.
8. A new broadsheet paper will be a new hit.
9. Big businesses will acquire stakes in various newspapers including tabloids with strong web site presence.
10. A Manila-based journalist will be recognized worldwide.
So, there you go folks. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as I took pleasure writing it. [Send your comments to pilapil.jim@gmail.com]


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