To All Pacquiao vs Mayweather kibitzers

Here’s a video taken on March 2005 after the first encounter of Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales:

It was a post fight interview made by a Filipino newscaster named “Puno” regarding Pacquiao’s defeat against Morales.
Pacquiao discussed about the blood test done before the fight. Puno asked why does the Nevada State Commission insists to have a blood test done. Pacquiao said that he will not be permitted to fight Morales if he will not pass the blood test. Pacquiao explained that one month before the fight, Nevada State Commission rushed him to have a medical exam. He said that they needed his blood for medical requirements. He went back to training and before the weigh-in, he didn’t eat and didn’t even drink because he was in the exact weight. Then two days before the fight, NSAC called him to have a blood test again. Pacquiao said that he already underwent a blood test but NSAC said that the records were lost according to the doctor. Coach Freddie Roach with his manager Shelly were wondering why the NSAC did not have his medical records. According to Pacquiao, he have spoken to a certain doctor and said that it’s impossible for NSAC to lose his record because it is a well-established institution. Pacquiao felt something wrong and he thought that it was a tactic against him. He said that he felt dizzy 30 minutes after the blood was taken from him. He said that his nape was very painful. The doctor advised him to drink a lot of water but because he’s in a diet and controlling the amount of food and water he intake in order not to exceed the weight limit, he just lay down and have a body massage. During the actual fight, he is weak and he knows that he will not be able to knock out Morales. Puno said that Morales said in an interview that he never felt any of Pacquiao’s power punches. Pacquiao said that Morales didn’t know that he is weak and that he didn’t have the strength to win.
The incident regarding the loss documents of Pacquiao was never investigated nor brought to the media here in the U.S. or other parts of the world. We can say that his issues were never heard because he was not that too famous at that time. Now that Pacquiao have established his name as the world’s greatest boxer, every little incident that happened to him matters like the issue on his the blood test refusal.
Whether it is true or not true that Morales camp really plotted this blood test incident, the bottom line here is that it proves that Pacquiao was just preventing this thing to happen again on his fight against Mayweather. Mayweather’s camp cannot deny that they don’t know this incident. They might have seen the hole in order to destroy Pacquiao. This may be the closest reason why they really insist the Olympic style random blood test done less than 30 days before the fight.
What is Mayweather’s camp main reason why they insist to take Pacquiao’s blood less than 30 days before the fight? If they are suspecting that Pacquiao is taking performance-enhancing drug, then Pacquiao would love to have his blood taken right after the fight. Is there any difference from having a blood test taken less than 30 days from having a blood test taken right after fight?
What do you think?


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