Noynoy’s Lawyers

ANINO, lawyers group of Noynoy
By Jaime Pilapil

Abogado Ni Noynoy or ANINO for short is a volunteer lawyers’ group of presumptive Liberal Party presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino.
The group led by The Fort-based “QT” law office has been meeting regularly for quite sometime.
Around 50 volunteer lawyers are having regular trainings on election procedures and laws, including the intricacies of the automated elections. They will not only help safeguard the votes for Noynoy but act as a college of legal advisers before, during and after election campaign period. It will act also as a discussion group on pertinent issues. They are undergoing a series of lectures from people who have the know-how of the in and out of automated elections like from the civil society, Comelec legal department, Smartmatic and experts from other legal fields.
Although Noynoy’s presidential ambition has been announced late, his handlers are swift enough in putting up the campaign machinery.
The composition of ANINO is of varied backgrounds. Some are into private practice while others are from the academe.
Give these people two more months and they will equal or even surpass the well manicured preparations of another presidential timber from Nacionalista Party.
LP has its own legal group, but Noynoy needs a dedicated and fierce lawyers’ group not just to ensure that his votes are counted for him but his people are protected from machinations of the enemies.
ANINO’s formal launch will be a day or two before Noynoy files his certificate of candidacy.
Every time I go to mass, I always hear priests say a thing or two against the Reproductive Health Bill regardless of the gospel of the day. The Catholic Church is against the use of contraceptive methods, including pills and condoms. Then one time, after the mass, a priest approached me and said: “Yan ang uso ngayon na t-shirt”. He was referring to my yellow polo shirt with the Philippine map sewn on it. I suspect he is a pro-Noynoy. But does he know that Noynoy supports the RH Bill?
A number of national and local politicians are jumping ship to Liberal Party because of Noynoy’s increasing popularity and because of Gibo Teodoro’s low placing in surveys. Others prefer Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party, hoping the self-made billionaire will give them campaign money. Since we don’t have a strong party system, it is very easy to jump from one political party to another. Will Lakas-Kampi-CMD party die a natural death soon? Unless Gibo’s party wins to get Loren Legarda as his tandem, then it will be a Noynoy-Villar contest. I just hope we will have a two-party system, courtesy of a new law.
Gibo will soon leave the Defense department. The truth is–he has not accomplished much. Our military is still lacking in guns and ammunitions. Corruption is a daily occurrence. The P5 billion fund allotted for the purchase of night-capable attack helicopters is still untouched despite its availability years ago. The New People’s Army is getting stronger, contrary to reports. Our peace and order situation in southern Mindanao is at its lowest. Loose MILF soldiers invade communities. Abu Sayyaf Group can kidnap anybody, poor and rich. Peace negotiations with rebels groups, whether communists or Muslims, are just plain press releases and nothing more. Si Gibo ay walang “galing” at “talino”, according to some soldiers. [Send your feedback to]


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