Barbaric Killings

Nov. 25, 2009
By Jaime Pilapil

Barbaric killings
The National Press Club condemns in strongest terms the killing of more than 40 people, including some 12 members of the media in Maguindanao.
I could not understand why these people have to massacre these innocent grown up people who were only doing their jobs as members of the press.
We reporters based here in Manila lament this incident. The souls of the culprits and the mastermind will definitely rot in hell.
If it is true that the Ampatuans have something to do with the killings, I am certain our brother Muslims despise this barbaric act and they will reject this blood-thirst clan in the coming local elections.
Give Manny a chance
Manny Pacquaio has given us Filipinos so much pride. It is about time that we reciprocate his humility and success as a boxer.
What I mean is give him what he wants to be — to be a Congressman.
I don’t believe administration party presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro will be able to impose on Sarangani Governor Miguel Dominguez to accommodate the boxing icon. Dominguez is subservient to the Chiongbians, the family that ruled the province for a long time. .
How I wish the “Pambansang Kamao” be introduced in his next fight as “Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio”.
I’m sure Pacquaio will be as proud as us Filipinos once he is introduced as “Congressman from Sarangani, Philippines” in his next fight.
“Boxing Congressman” is another title as thrilling as his seven weight division titles.
If the Pacman will win in his congressional bid, he won’t be congressman for so long, at the most six years. Then Pacquaio can run for a senate seat. By then, he will be 36 years old. We don’t know what will come after. Maybe he will become vice president or even president. “Only God knows,” as Pacman used to say.
Pacquaio’s soft heart for the poor is pure. This character alone will ensure he won’t be corrupted. He is resilient as shown by his dedication to spend two months of hard training, adjusting to the style of his opponent.
When Pacquiao lost to Cong. Darleen Custodio in 2007 elections, he was a victim of the people surrounding him who wanted only his money.
At the height of the campaign, I had a chance of visiting General Santos City. At the very hotel where I stayed, several campaign managers of Pacquaio were billeted also there.
I talked to them and I was startled upon hearing that they were only after the Pacman’s campaign fund. It was a pity for the Pacman.
I’m sure this will not happen in Sarangani. Pacquiao has learned his lessons in politics.
I only interviewed Pacquaio once and that was a long time ago when he was at the height of shuffling his fights between Mexicans Eric “El Terible” Morales and Antonio “The Assassin” Barrera.
I could sense from his eyes the sincerity to help. Unlike many politicians who extend help as long as they are assured of your votes.
Bravo Chiz!
Sorsoganons like me are happy with the decision of Senator Chiz Escudero not to seek the presidency in the 2010 elections. We don’t want him to run and lose. Maybe 2016 is the right time for him. All he has to do within six years is to put up a party that will catapult him to the highest post. Or, he can join the Liberal Party. [Send your feedback to] -30-


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