Three strong rivals to challenge Bistek for QC mayoralty post

By Jaime Pilapil

The 2010 elections in Quezon City heats up merely because Mayor Feliciano Belmonte is just winding up his third and last term as city chief executive.
However, Belmonte’s post will not be handed in a silver platter to Vice Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista. Three equally strong rivals are gearing up for uncompromising alliances.
Deafening buzz is sweeping villages of the city that 2nd District Representative Annie “Rosa” Susano is seriously considering running for mayor in tandem with 4th District Councilor Janet “Babes” Malaya who introduced various pro-poor ordinances during her uninterrupted three terms as alderman.
It could be recalled that Susano withheld her ambition to run for mayor in 2007 in difference for Belmonte, a party mate. Susano has a deep election purse and is very generous.
Another mayoralty aspirant is longtime Majority Floor Leader and 4th District Councilor Ariel Inton Jr. whose tandem is no less than the still alluring 2nd District Councilor Aiko Melendez.
Inton-Melendez tandem is seen as a big threat not only to Bautista but also to his reported vice mayoralty candidate, Joy Belmonte Alimurung.
Melendez, being an actress, is popular among the masses while Alimurong will mostly rely on the achievements of her father, Mayor Belmonte.
Inton, being a lawyer, is a no non-sense legislator having led the council to new heights aside from being a big supporter of Mayor Belmonte in all legislative agenda.
Also in the thick of preparations is 4th District Representative Nanette Castelo Daza who is teaming up with District 1 Councilor Bernadette “BH” Herrera-Dy.
The Daza-Herrera tandem is banking on the strong female voters.
It is interesting to note that except for Susano and neophyte Joy Belmonte, all other aspirants are in their last term, which only means that they will not retreat from their quests for new elective posts.
Susano is still qualified for reelection. Joy Belmonte, although on her maiden political try, has been active in various activities of the city government, being head of the culture and arts promotions.
Having just completed his first term as vice mayor in 1998, Bautista tried but failed to defeat re-electionist Mayor Mel Mathay for his first mayoralty race.
In the next elections, he reclaimed the second top post of the city in 2001. His patience this time might reward him the mayoralty post.
Many conceive Bautista as ripe to succeed the elder Belmonte who is being touted to reclaim the congressional seat of the 4th district. -30-


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