Is Noynoy credible?

By Jaime Pilapil

Maybe you are wondering why the well-known Cory magic failed to muster another People Power to force President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to step down from Malacanang on alleged 2004 presidential elections anomalies.
The answer is simple. There was no one among the opposition or even Vice President Noli de Castro credible enough to succeed President Arroyo.
Others said the Filipinos are tired of Edsa uprisings. But I don’t think this is true. Whether it is Edsa or Ayala, I believe Filipinos are willing to launch another revolution provided the salient elements are present.
I covered Edsa 2 for Manila Times.
I was at Edsa Shrine writing my stories via my cellular phone, through texting.
But before that, I was at Linden Suites for at least two days and a night doing interviews to then Vice President Arroyo, Nani Perez, her chief-of-staff Renato Corona and various personalities. Very few reporters were able to penetrate the hotel. At that time I was wondering what position Corona would assume once the Arroyo administration took over from President Joseph Ejercito Estrada. I never thought he was interested in becoming a Supreme Court justice. Corona was using two cellular phones then which were always busy even until wee hours. He was very clever. He had several spare batteries to keep his phones working continuously.
I saw Dinky Soliman and a companion rushing to where Arroyo was with their bio-data tucked under their armpits. She was eventually appointed DSWD head. Leandro Mendoza was there also, ready with his resume. He was appointed PNP Chief.
Arroyo’s husband, Mike, was then very busy talking to various individuals, including the then Senator Raul Roco, Msgr. Soc Villegas and Cardinal Jaime Sin through mobile phone.
They were talking in Spanish. Since I understand a little of the language (having studied in the seminary), I was able to get some important details to the satisfaction of my editor Inday Varona.
Cardinal Sin saw in Arroyo the qualities of a President. She was perceived to be credible and had the integrity to assume the highest post of the land. But as history would later reveal, it was plain hypocrisy.
Add to that the ardent desire of the Arroyo couple to occupy Malacanang Palace. It was an opportunity they grabbed with gusto.
The political landscape in the country today is very fluid but things are going into the right direction to prepare the next occupant of the Palace by the Pasig River.
Maybe somebody is destined to become the next President.
Obviously De Castro was not meant to be president. He missed it when Cory and the former Cabinet members were crying out loud for the resignation of Arroyo.
Senator Manny Villar has all the makings of a president, good or bad, but his “real estate corruptions” will reverberate during campaign period.
Erap is a done thing. Led by Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Vidal, the Catholic Church will campaign against him.
Senator Chiz Escudero thrills the electorate because of his electrifying Filipino language mantra, but eventually he would be gasping for words to defend his lackluster performance as Sorsogon solon. His anemic accomplishments in Sorsogon cast doubt on his ability to lead this country.
Senator Loren Legarda, like Erap is a done thing. It’s hard to believe that we will have another female president.
MMDA Bayani Fernando is simply unattractive.
Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro, despite his lack of charisma, was able to thrill majority of the governors. I’m sure this attraction will vanish soon.
As to others, I hope they get a lot of campaign donations enough to make them wealthy just like Cong. Mikey Arroyo.
What is interesting is the recent unfolding of events. As I write this column, Senator Noynoy Aquino announced his bid for 2010 presidential elections.
Maybe he is destined to become the next President.
Let us see if he will be able to launch a credible campaign.
After the short retreat, what were the signs that convinced him that he is called to be President of this country?
Integrity according to Wikipedia means consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. As a whole, integrity judges the quality of a system in terms of its ability to achieve its own goals.
Does Noynoy have the integrity? -30-


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