A bandwagon to real People Power

By Jaime Pilapil
The Noynoy Aquino for President bandwagon is now fast becoming a conglomeration of reform-minded individuals and groups who want drastic change in the country.
If this will continue, Noynoy’s ascend to Malacanang could be another form of People Power, which only shows that the Cory Magic and Ninoy Aquino’s spirit are alive. It is safe to say that the Aquino couple is guiding the path toward new Philippines.
Cory’s presidency failed to ward off traditional politics. The very same politicians who served the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos clung to their posts. As if in a hold over capacity, they stayed there during the presidency of a former Philippine Constabulary general and an actor-turned politician.
The People Power 2 installed a daughter of a former president but her six-year term starting 2004 has been hounded by election scandal and a series of corruption allegations.
As soon as Noynoy was endorsed by Senator Manuel Roxas, members of the ruling party, Lakas-Kampi CMD, started the exodus from the administration. More will follow.
But what the ordinary people should remember is the fact that the two Edsa revolts were both ushered by the Catholic Church, particularly Cardinal Jaime Sin.
Even the candidacy of Among Ed Panlilio in 2004 was closely supported by the provincial Catholic Church. Panlilio was a choice instead of a jueteng lord and a quarry collection cheat.
Minus the late Cardinal Sin, Noynoy will win the 2010 presidential election only if the Catholic Church prelates and workers, including nuns and other religious organizations, will rally behind his candidacy.
Noynoy phenomenon has indeed started.
Will he be the incarnation of his father who fought tyranny and corruption?
Will he be the incarnation of his mother who fought for the democracy?
Will Noynoy liberate the workers of Hacienda Luisita from being tillers to landowners?
Will there be no repeat of the Mendiola massacre?
Will Noynoy be a puppet of big businesses?
Will he accept from Lucio Tan a P2 billion campaign fund?
Elections in the Philippines are very much like American elections.
They are entertaining, lavished with demolition jobs.
How I wish to hear from Noynoy’s lips his answers to the above queries.
There was so much hope when then Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was installed by Edsa 2 Uprising. But Arroyo did not live up to the expectation.
This time, another child of a former President will attempt to save this nation from moral, social and economic bankruptcy.
Noynoy is becoming the hope of this country.
I hope he will fight sins committed by the Arroyo regime; and that he will not repeat them.
If ever Noynoy becomes President and he will be true to what the people expect him to do, then a real revolution will take place.
It’s the true People Power.


3 thoughts on “A bandwagon to real People Power

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  2. i am now one of his aggressive supporter, i put up a website website for the sole purpose of disseminating information of his presidential bid. i hope he’s as good if not much better as his parents when he becomes president. go noynoy!

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