Chiz can now kiss goodbye his ambition

Now that the presidential candidacy of Noynoy Aquino is fast shaping up, it is about time that Senator Francis Escudero kiss goodbye his ambition for a higher post.

Anyway, Escudero is still young. He can still gain some experience to prepare him for the stressful Malacanang job.

I am writing this because I was born and raised in Sorsogon. I know Escudero’s accomplishments as three-time congressman of our district.

In fact, if I were asked to grade Escudero’s nine-year performance, I would give him a flunking grade.

Why, because he barely uplifted the social and economic conditions of his constituents. He is just lucky because he played a key role as spokesman of the opposition during the impeachment of President Arroyo.

His only visible accomplishment was the construction of a very short diversion road. This project helped decongest traffic in the city proper.

Escudero also worked for the conversion of Sorsogon town into a city.

Sorsogon is a third class city. Poverty and joblessness is prevalent.

The Escuderos have been lording politics in our province for several decades. Chiz succeeded his father, Salvador, as congressman. At present his father is our representative.

Sorsogon can be considered as red tide capital of the Philippines. Our Sorsogon Bay is in a sorry state mainly because the shorelines are inhabited by squatters and wastes go directly to the sea.

The Escuderos became prominent after former strongman Ferdinand Marcos appointed Sonny Escudero as Minister of Agriculture. We were proud of him and elected him as congressman in the immediate elections after Marcos was ousted.

Residents of Castilla town are cursing the Escuderos. Two roads, the one leading to the Poblacion and the road going to the Sorsogon State College of Agriculture were barely started. They have been left there untouched for years.

Chiz and his father, whom we call Tatay, should first make things happen in Sorsogon before dreaming of becoming President or Vice President.

Their meager performance will forever hound them. -30-


2 thoughts on “Chiz can now kiss goodbye his ambition

  1. wow, thanks a lot, for welcoming me back here! i love to really post my comments here for those pundits to know i am really well aware of those issues they purport to know about chiz but actually they do not! this issue has been going on eversince most pres.aspirants guessed that chiz is considering to run in 2010! CHIZ CAN NOW KISS GOODBYE HIS TOLERANT/TOLERABLE NATURE WHEN FRIENDS ARE AT STAKE!! He must be on the look-out for traitors who pretended to befriend with him when they are actually “wolves” in disguised ready to devour him when call upon any given chance!!
    Escudero’s years in public service cannot be considered “lacking” in experience young as he is!! one such attribute i consider is gaining laurels at an early age, achievements, awards, locally and internationally, he is quite ready to seat in the highest position of the nation , he is quite capable of applying good governance and fighting corruption the way he is fighting the current admin’s governance as an ensample!!
    Onthe other hand, Noynoy needs Chiz’ brilliance, courage, and wit to run a nation! It’s the other way around, dont u think so? ha ha ha…Noynoy believes in Chiz, his bestfriend and compadre!!
    About your province’progress, you can ask your LGUs because they are the ones directly in charge of the development of your area and the government specifically has the primary resp.for the dev. of an area/region. Not in any congressman’s pork barrel! so, there’s no need to blame Chiz for ur constituent’s failure to do their duties and obligations, it takes two to tango!!

  2. I’ve been reading your blog now for quite a long time and really love it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your comments on this sad tragedy.

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