Is Malaysian bomber Noordin in Southern Philippines?

The likelihood that Asian terror mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top escaped Indonesia and is now in the forested area of Sulo became evident after the cadaver of the suspected bomber of JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlson hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia last July 17 turned out to be of another person.
Noordin, 41, a Malaysian Islamist, has been blamed for a series of bombings targeting “iconic” Western people, including the 2002 Bali attacks that killed 200 people, mostly tourists.
Indonesian police swooped down into the suspected hideout of Noordin few days after July 17 twin bombings. After a brief fire fight, the occupant of the house was killed. News swept all over Indonesia that the man was Noordin.
Authorities conducted a DNA test on the dead man. Results said that the dead man was not Noordin but a certain Ibrohim, who disguised himself as a florist, delivering flowers to Marriot and Ritz-Carlson in a bid to carefully plan and execute the bombing.
Police said Ibrohim was a constant companion of Noordin months before the July 17 blasts.
Noordin is believed one of the core leaders of the Jemaah Islamiyah, a regional terror group which has links with Al-Qaeda of Bin Laden.
Indonesian intelligence also uncovered the alleged plot of Noordin to bomb last August 17 the residence of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono house situated outside of Jakarta.
Noordin, one of Asia’s most wanted criminals, remains very elusive.
He hastily left Jakarta and is now believed hiding somewhere in Mindanao.
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Mindanao has been the refuge of Noordin’s fellow Bali bombing suspects like Umar Patek who was believed killed September 2006 in Sulu but his death was never confirmed. Another blast expert Dulmatin who has $10 million reward on his head was reported killed February 2008 in Tawi-Tawi. US forensic experts came to Mindanao and the DNA test result was never made public. Indonesian authorities even issued a statement saying the cadaver exhumed in Tawi-Tawi was not that of Dulmatin.


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