1.DSWD’s 2009 budget is a whopping P10.6 billion, a 467 percent increase compared to P1.9 billion 2002 budget, according to Usec. Celia Yangco, sister of the late journalist Joe Capadocia.
2.PASG chief Antonio Villar Jr. said Goodyear Philippines has closed down its operation in the country after the agency discovered that most of its tires were smuggled.
3.Villar said out of 122 textile companies operating in the country, only three are still in operation after PASG found out that raw materials imported were mostly smuggled.
4.IMF places the uncollected tax due to smuggling at P125 billion. Finance department said it’s only P65 billion.
5.BoC has stopped issuing warrant of seizures to PASG for two months already, which greatly impede the anti-smuggling operations.
6.Villar said he had already informed President Arroyo of the identities of the politicians involved in smuggling.
7.Presidential Management Staff office said the government had identified 149 priority infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, major irrigations, farm to market roads, hospital upgrading and resettlement for completion during the term of President Arroyo. Forty of these projects were already completed. Twenty-five are due to be finished this year and 41 more next year. Only 41 will not be completed until June next year, but their construction works are ongoing already. -30-


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