Bid Arum Goodbye, Manny! (Now You Know)

If Bob Arum fails to convince Miguel Cotto to stake his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt for the Nov. 14 fight, then it’s about time for Manny Pacquaio to pack his things and bid Arum goodbye.
Imagine, Arum failed to arrange a title fight involving two boxers under his own turf/ promotion?
What a shame?
I don’t see Arum giving Pacquiao the respect the Filipino should be getting with his current stature.
Pacquaio, with his string of big wins, has fattened Arum’s bank account. It seems Arum is short changing the Filipino pugilist. Would you believe, Pacquiao’s May fight with Ricky Hatton, whom he demolished in two rounds, was at 50/50 sharing?
Isn’t it right for Manny to go somewhere else, maybe to Golden Boy Promotions.
Spend your last two fights with dignity of a champion. Get out from Arum’s spell. -30-


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