Villar is half a mile ahead

Of all those salivating to succeed President Arroyo, it is Senator Manny Villar who is working very hard to fortify his campaign machinery.
His campaign headquarters at Star Mall is busy till wee hours.
He has mobilized hard-working people to work at district level all over the country. They are assigned to enlist people at barangay level to campaign for him.
“We were summoned to Star Mall where we met the person in charged of the district. We were interviewed and the first impression laid out to us was that Manny Villar had enough campaign kitty to the tune of billions of pesos,” a friend confided to me. He is in-charged of a district in Quezon City.
He said he was tasked to form a team for each barangay.
These latest SWS surveys showing Villar ahead of the pact will surely influence voters and entice supporters (read:campaign workers).
Villar’s companies are also aggressive in sales.
His media handlers are doing various tasks. It is no wonder if Villar will fight dirty as election is the science of promoting yourself and discrediting others. -30-


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