Unlimited Call

By Jaime Pilapil

“Coup de text” once catapulted a vice president to presidency in 2001.

That’s the miracle of text brigade — an effective medium that echoed Cardinal Sin’s call for Edsa 2 and it took only four days to end the brief reign of a movie action star in Malacanang.

Texting is such an important part in the daily lives of Filipinos. This reality elicited a comment from Arianna Huffington in her blog recently. (Huffington is my idol in blogging.)

Incidentally, vanishing loads of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile resulted to extension of prepaid load. I even nominated Enrile for president. See story below plus Enrile’s campaign video.

But recently, we are entering a new age of using cellular phones. We are into “coup de call” or unlimited calls era. By the way, calling is a lot safer while driving rather than texting.

Telcos Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular are offering similar unlimited call services.

With the 2010 elections fast approaching, this unlimited call feature would surely be a hit to politicians trying to reach out to willing victim voters.

Imagine for 100 pesos you can have five days of unlimited call. Compared to using your regular prepaid load, it will only take some minutes to consume your 100 pesos load.

A telco is offering 500 pesos for a 30-day unlimited call. Campaign period is only for 45 days.

I am still weighing which telco is offering the best unlimited call feature. For sure, I will grab one although I am not into politics.

So, coup plotters listen: take the “coup de call” route. -30-


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