Stop Sending Filipina Workers to Saudi Arabia

Last Saturday, a Filipina worker courageously narrated to the media how she was raped by her Saudi employer and agency recruiter. She said there are 20 more Filipinas who are still raped by their Saudi employers.
If this thing happened to an American, I’m sure US soldiers had already invaded Saudi Arabia.
I think, it is about time we stop sending Filipina workers to Saudi Arabia. Mostly of our Pinay workers end up sex slaves by their Saudi employers.
We Filipinos must make an statement.
If Vice President Noli de Castro is really concerned for our OFW Filipina workers, we should drive a message to these Middle East nations who seem not doing anything to stop sexual abuses committed by their citizens against Filipina workers.
I hate these Middle East countries whose citizens are sexually starved.
I read a book narrated by a Saudi princess who divulged that her husband and some members of the Royal family regularly indulge into sexual encounter parties. She even got a sexually transmitted disease from her husband.
They import prostitutes from Europe, including Russia.
Some Filipino male workers even alleged that some Saudi hosts forced them to have anal sex.
I hope these abuses will stop.
Maybe the first step is for the Philippine government to make a strong statement to the Saudi government –ban the deployment of Filipina workers. -30-


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