“Demilitarize” the Senate

I think we have to demilitarize the Senate.
We have Gringo Honasan, an Edsa 2 hero. We have Rodolfo Biazon, the only “goat” from PMA to become AFP chief. We have Panfilo Lacson, the ambitious prodigy of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada. We have Antonio Trillanes III, who is still in jail for plotting coup charges.
Yesterday (Saturday), former general Danilo Lim, who is also in jail with Trillanes, was endorsed by Honasan, Trillanes and Senator Manny Villar in his bid for a senate seat in next year’s elections.
As if, PMA has the monopoly of talents in this country.
Despite the presence of these military-turned-senators, our insurgency problem is still deteriorating. Our military is very much behind in terms of logistics compared to our neighboring countries.
I doubt very much if the AFP will annihilate the armed New People’s Army before President Arroyo leave Malacanang next year.
I covered the Defense beat and I know how inadequate our AFP is in fighting the insurgents. Our soldiers may have the heart and courage, but they don’t have guns and ammunitions.
Control the entry of arms through our shores and tarmacs.
We have to ban the entry of arms intended for private use in this country.
Allow only the policemen and the coast guards to carry guns. Even private individuals should not be allowed to carry guns.
I grew up in various military camps in the country. I saw all kinds of guns, short and long. I know how cruel guns are when you are hit by its bullet.
Arms violate human rights.
That’s the reason why I am campaigning for the abolition of the AFP in this country.
We have to once and for all, disarmed these insurgents, NPA and MILF, and forge peace negotiations.
Bring them to the fold of the government. Give them jobs, livelihood, housing and the necessities of life.
Where do we get the money? That’s the job of our financial managers, who are supposed to be working on how to source out the needed funds.
It’s not easy to campaign to demilitarize this country, but we have to start from somewhere.
Demilitarize the Senate first. -30-


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