Will People Power Work in Iran?

Since the result of presidential election in Iran was announced, thousands of people flocked to the streets to denounce the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

More than a hundred supporters of presidential candidate MIr Hossein Mousavi were killed.

The latest report said professors of Tehran Univiersity resigned en masse to denounce the election fraud and the murder of protesters, mostly students.

Unlike the 1986 Edsa Uprising, Iranians used live-blogging complete with live streaming video.

The Edsa revolt used radio, newspapers and television.

Huffington Post Website reported that: “With the Iranian government jamming cell phones and text messages and blocking access to many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter has emerged as one of the mediums with the most information being passed around and discussed about the turbulent presidential election.”
It only goes to show that we now have various mediums we could tap in relaying information. In the coming 2010 elections, candidates should start to hire people who will man these internet-based mediums.
Tension in Tehran is still volatile and protesters, despite the killings, have not stopped going into the streets.
Of course, the United States is being suspected of supporting the uprising for obvious reason.

President Barrack Obama denies the accusation, adding that protesters should be allowed to voice out their sentiments.

Edsa Revolution took place almost three years after Ninoy Aquino was killed.

Iran’s political set up is different.

On top of the president, the country is headed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whoordered that the election fraud allegation be investigated.

Only time can tell if People Power will work in Iran. -30-


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