Open Letter to Floyd Mayweather

Sorry Floyd Mayweather. Your press releases, directed by Golden Boy Promotions, did not click.
You thought Manny Pacquaio will rush to book a fight with you at a lesser price money.
When Pacquaio and Hatton had their official weigh-in, you and Golden Boy announced your date with desperate Juan Manuel Marquez.
After Cottto defeated Cottley via split decision recently, you and Golden Boy announced the cancellation of your July 18 fight with Marquez.
You said Pacquiao is no match for you, that you will easily demolish the P4P King. This was trumpeted by no less than your charlatan father, who mysteriously disappeared right after Pacquaio send to deep slumber the Manchurian boxer last May 2 before the last second of round 2 ended, sending the full-packed MGM in disbelief and astonishment.
If you think your alleged rib injury is a good excuse to go direct to Pacquaio and still command the “financial” side of the fight, you are mistaken.
For your information, Pacquiao is number 8 in terms of income earned last year.
Pacquaio got a whopping $45 million, just $5 million shorter than the take of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.
Because you retired early, you missed a lot of money.
And now, you want to use Pacquiao to earn more and much more than the Filipino, who according to Time Magazine is one of the top 100 most influential persons in the world today.
Floyd, eat your pride. Fight Pacquaio at 70/30 share with the Filipino getting of course the hefty cut.
How I wish the fight be held here in Manila. -30-


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