Arroyo avoids Estrada scenario

Presidential Legal Adviser Raul Gonzales said President Arroyo is running for a congressional seat next year in the second district of Pampanga.

Arroyo wants to retain a degree of influence and power to prevent the next administration from filing election and plunder charges against her after she steps down from Malacanang.

She does not want to be jailed after her term.

The sure way to prevent her from following the footsteps of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada who was jailed on plunder charges are the following scenarios:

First, make sure that the next elected president is from the administration — that this administration candidate is loyal to her. 

Second, push through with Charter Change via constituent assembly and set up a parliamentary form of government.

Third scenario is when the first and second would fail. President Arroyo is running for a congressional seat in Pampanga.  Once in Congress, she would use all her monies and influence in getting elected as House Speaker.

 Once a House Speaker, she has the power to prevent election and plunder charges be filed against her.

 So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the surest way to prevent President Arroyo from seeking power after she steps down from Malacanang is to assure her that she could spent the rest of her life in retirement without election and plunder charges hounding her.

 Or, kill her.

 In this way, the Philippines could go on with its economic and political life. Or else, we will spend the next years prosecuting President Arroyo of 2004 election cheating and NBN ZTE plunder case.  -30-



3 thoughts on “Arroyo avoids Estrada scenario

  1. kill gloria? tell that to the marines! as powerful as she is? even the military’s top brass bowed down to her (and i wonder why?), you wanna get rid of the small lady? go, send for osama bin laden! This country is hopeless, as long as the arroyo’s are in the government!!!!

    • all president ay powerful….tsaka ang mga armed forces khit sang bansa susunod talaga yan sa presidente …khit na nga in a small business may mga guards o security to protect the business eh…eh mga bansa pa kaya…kau na lng maging presidente o mag security o maging membro ng mga armed forces na yan…then you can maybe say for yourself, tell that to the marines…

  2. It will take another 2-3 decades to change the course of our nation. To that, however, we need to start the change that we’ve been longing for. We are the real change. Nobody are to be blamed except us. So I enjoined you to join the Change Politics Movement. We can start the change in our neighborhood. Let’s organize and create a zero-vote buying zone in our barangay.


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